HEKATE participants Nuwiel won EXIST Business Start-up Grant

Hamburg - April 15Two participants of our HEKATE workshops and of the trainers joined interests, knowledge and forces and started the adventure of founding their own business, nüwiel. Their concept has recently won the EXIST Business Start-up Grant (funded by German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

Natalia Tomiyama has been strongly engaged in the development of the HEKATE workshop concept. She has mainly pursued the idea of bringing together young industrial professionals and early-stage researchers as workshop participants. The participants worked in pairs, developed their own ideas and pitched them to a jury formed by industrial senior managers involved in R&D and corporate venturing. Thus Sandro Rabbiosi and Fahad Khan learned to know each other.

The three of them together built their team and develop new solutions to transport children or heavy loads with bikes. These solutions are based on patented technologies developed at Hamburg University of Technology and will facilitate environmentally friendly mobility.

You may visit them at Hamburg Innovation Summit on 30 May 2016.

Congratulations and good success!

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