Impressions of HEKATE conference (3)

Omonigho Otanocha, HEKATE participant, UNIMAN

The day was filled with lively and enthusiastic discussions –questions were raised about the nature and aim of enterprise education, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of such endeavours; the panel discussion triggered debates about the value of the collaboration between industry and university – not only in research but also in education. In addition to sharing experiences of the HEKATE project at the University of Manchester and Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), it was valuable to share experiences, challenges and lessons across different Knowledge Alliances funded by the European Commission with partners across many countries in Europe. The challenge of spreading the entrepreneurial learning opportunities throughout countries in Europe with a variety of culture and political and economic environment was discussed intensively during the conference.

Amina Malik, HEKATE praticipant, TUHH

Amina Malik, HEKATE praticipant, TUHH

The highlight of the day included the presentations made by the PhD students from both Manchester and Hamburg, who attended the HEKATE workshops in 2014 and in 2015. They shared their experiences of HEKATE workshops – how entrepreneurial training helped develop new ideas and networks, creating values for their research activities, and providing new opportunities including industry contacts and international networks.

Representatives of UNIMAN

Fumi Kitagawa, researcher at University of Edinburgh, former researcher at Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) at Manchester Business School (MBS), University of Manchester

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