Impressions of HEKATE conference (4)

Chairman Léopold Demiddeleer, Honorary President of EIRMA

Chairman Léopold Demiddeleer, Honorary President of EIRMA

The Final Conference, the highlight of the project, the event where the partners to the consortium can show the actuel results of a two years project…

First pleasant observation: the number of participants coming from everywhere in Europe, and especially the diversity of their backgrounds. People of the industry, people of the European Commission, academics, young researchers, young managers all interested in the Industry – University collaboration.

The quality of the speakers was also very high. Their presentations covered perfectly the different aspects of the project. The interest of the participants was tangible and questions from the audience came from themselves creating an interesting dynamic between speakers and participants.

The debate will surely not stop with the end of the conference ….

The launching of the new EIRMA platform “Industry-Higher Education Institutes” should certainly allow continuing the networking appeared during the conference.

Carine Ternest, EIRMA operations team

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