Impressions of HEKATE Final Conference (2)

TUHH Workshop concept: exchange between HEI and industryWhen reading the participant list I was surprised about the heterogeneous audience that the topic of the conference attracted. The HEKATE project aimed at build bridges between research, education and industry and this was reflected in the participants of the final conference. All of them seemed to be able to take their personal insights out of the conference that could be useful for their future work. This is great!

I learned a lot in the breaks by talking to people. For instance, I have become more familiar with the strategy of the research and innovation unit of European University Association. I know more about the idea of holdings managing public seed funds in Sweden, and I got a vivid impression about the collaboration platform Babele. The conference speakers helped me to develop a more complete picture about the manifold chances and the numerous challenges involved in building knowledge alliances. I got the impression that alliances between education institutions and industry are lagging behind the well-proven and functioning cooperation models that have been established between Panelresearch and industry. This may be due to the fact that HEIs often find it difficult to specify what they exactly need from industry. Also, companies seem to hesitate to invest the time of their most valuable experts into education projects that may primarily pay back in the long term and in rather indirect ways. I strongly believe that the HEKATE project and the conference helped to test and to discuss some promising forms of education-industry cooperation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. However, it became clear to me that we need to experiment with more diverse approaches, we need to create more success stories that can serve as blueprint for others, and we need to find ways to create synergies between the activities of HEIs institutions in Europe. Particularly a significant increase in efficiency will help to disseminate functioning models of knowledge alliances for entrepreneurial learning throughout Europe.

Christian Lüthje, Director of the Institute of Innovation Marketing, TUHH

It was my pleasure to be part of the event. I was amazed by its high standards and the quality of the work. Thank you for the kind initiation and I hope I could contribute on behalf of imec and the MCAA. Certainly, I will get in touch with other speakers to set up further discussions.

Mauricio Manfrini, Senior Researcher Logic, IMEC and Marie Marie Skłodowska-Curie Alumni

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