Impressions of HEKATE project and conference (1)

The HEKATE project opened a room for further discussions on collaboration between EU-Commision, HEI, industry anconference participants2d research groups and EIRMA in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. The questions has been raised during the Final Conference include: continuous and proactive engagement of the industry managers in the entrepreneurship education, sustainability of the EU-funded entrepreneurship training projects, centralization and visibility of the experiences in running entrepreneurship training projects by project partners.

It also has been repeatedly mentioned by several delegates that Innovation and Entrepreneurship is about people and partnership. Given the experiences of other EU-funded projects on entrepreneurship training practices, it is fair to say that the HEKATE is another example of successful cooperation between industry and academia. The HEKATE project connected industry professionals and academics in multiple levels, not only has it engaged senior managers as mentors and speakers but also built and facilitated direct collaborations between young industry professionals and PhD researchers in the development of new ideas.

Natalia Tomiyama, ex TUHH, now startup founder

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