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Under the HEKATE (Higher Education and Enterprise: Knowledge Alliances for the Training of Entrepreneurs) project funded by the European Commission, a team at the Manchester Business School (MBS), the University of Manchester (UoM) is collaborating withEIRMA, in partnership with the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) and Tutech to find innovative ways of developing the enterprising skills of science and engineering graduates in the early stages of their research careers.

One of the aims of the HEKATE project aims to link early career researchers at the University with R&D companies.

As part of the HEKATE project, we are planning to run On-line Discussion Forum with early career researchers at University of Manchester, including PhD students and Post docs. The aim of this On-line Discussion Forum is to enhance career perspectives of postgraduate researcher and early career postdocs, and sharing the intrapreneurial/innovation opportunities and skills issues within EIRMA members.

On this occasion, we will use virtual environment to make on-line community that connect PhDs, Post-Docs and industry people. Later in the year, we will have physical workshops in Manchester and Hamburg , and we intend to invite industry people as speakers.

The On-line Discussion Forum will be run from the end of May 2014 to early June and we will have 1 hour Live On-line Discussion session as virtual conversation space where PhD students, and early career Post Docs at Manchester who are interested in careers in R&D companies could communicate with those in industry to ask questions and share experiences and ideas about career opportunities in R&D companies, opportunities for client interface, and issues of training for career development.

For further information contact either

Fumi Kitagawa

Phil Gamlen

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