A small strategic international partnership forms this particular Knowledge Alliance, with the aim to engage widely. At the core of it is the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA). It provides access not only to highly competent innovation managers, but also an effective route to promote the Knowledge Alliance agenda across all of Europe, independent of any sector. The industrial partners, Solvay and TechBridgOne will act as industrial champions and catalyst for other companies to actively engage in the formation of Knowledge Alliances between universities and companies. The two particpating universities, Hamburg University of Technology and Manchester Business School, are stronlgy engaged in research particularly focussing on entrepreneurship. Tutech Innovation GmbH, a mature knowledge transfer organisation attached to HEI with decades experience of supporting business start-ups, coordinates the project.


European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)

EIRMA is an independent not-for-profit organisation that provides a European perspective on the global management of applied R&D and innovation. It engages 120+ major companies which are based in over 20 countries and are operating in a wide range of sectors, gathering world-class R&D performers. Membership and networks are pan-European and cross-sector. Open and honest discussion between practitioners, exchange of pragmatic experience with people who face similar challenges provide for the “give and take” approach, based on mutual exchange of ideas between all members.

EIRMA together with EUA, EARTO and ProTon Europe were the founders of the Responsible Partnering Initiative which contributes to enabling Open Innovation by offering a good practice guide on how to work respecting both public and private interest.

EIRMA provides access to a wide community of experienced innovation managers from over 100 companies many of whom actively support entrepreneurship from both within and outside the boundaries of their companies. EIRMA will therefore play a pivotal role in acting as gate keeper to a wider industrial community to transport ideas for Knowledge Alliances and provide a route for HEIs to obtain inspirational cases and people for training.

Michel Crispi
Secretary General EIRMA

Carine Ternest
Events and European Projects Manager


Solvay is an international chemical Group, offering a broad range of products that contribute to improving quality of life and the performance of its customers. It has its head quarter in Belgium. Solvay is active in innovative solutions with the New Business Development activity, which aims to create materials and systems using leading edge technologies, e.g. printable organic electronics, sustainable energies, nanotechnologies, and renewable based chemistry.

One way of detecting key partners and providing opportunities for Solvay is Corporate Venturing. It is this experience that will be a significant contribution to developing case studies for the proposed workshops, and being an active catalyst amongst EIRMA Members to win wthe support of other EIRMA Members. The Director for New Business Development at Solvay is currently President of EIRMA. Solvay will play the role of the ‘anchor’ industrial partner in HEKATE providing access to case studies and acting as a champion towards other members of EIRMA.

TechBridgeOne s.p.r.l.

TechBridgeOne s.p.r.l. is a consulting and service company providing bridges for Industrial partnerships for Academia/Applied Research Centers/Professional Associations/SME’s/Venture Funds. The company is dedicated to help Innovation flourish in Europe with a global impact on industrial application and has been founded by Dr. Leopold Demiddeleer. It is located in Brussels.

Dr Léopold Demiddeleer also is Chairman of the Board of McPhy Energy, a recently EURONEXT listed start-up. Former New Business Development and Corporate Venturing Director of SOLVAY S.A. and Honorary President of EIRMA (European Industrial Research Management Association). Dr Léopold Demiddeleer  sat  at the Advisory Board of several Venture Funds (Pangaea II – Vancouver and Conduit Ventures Ltd – UK, …) He also sat at Board of different start-up’s in the field of Printed Electronics, Fuel Cells Technologies, Specialty Chemicals, Hydrogen Storage, etc

TechBridgeOne will provide training lectures and case studies to the HEKATE project.

Dr. Léopold Demiddeleer
Managing Director of TechBridgeOne s.p.r.l.





Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH),  Institute for Marketing and Innovation 

Founded in 1978, TUHH is Germany’s youngest technical university. The TUHH is organised as a “matrix structure” of research centres: professors belong to schools and research is done in nine interdisciplinary research centres. TUHH was the first public German university to found a private technology transfer company, TuTech, in 1992.

Enhancing the entrepreneurial output of the university is a key pillar of the universities strategy: TUHH has started the “TUHH Startup Dock” initiative aiming at (1) strengthening the entrepreneurial culture on the campus, (2) integrating education and training into all study programs, and (3) bringing coaching, incubation and financing of new ventures to a new level. The Institute of Innovation Marketing (IIM) is currently responsible for running the activities in the Startup Dock initiative. The institute is dedicated to research and teaching of entrepreneurship, innovation management and marketing. In January 2013, TUHH was one of 12 universities to be awarded funding under the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) EXIST (University-Based Business Start-Ups) programme for supporting entrepreneurship in German universities. With this TUHH is carries the title ‘Gründerhochschule’.

The IIM at TUHH will ensure that the higher education activities outlined in this proposal will build upon state-of-the-art knowledge in entrepreneurial education research. IIM will provide insights about “best practices” and will share the learnings derived from the current Startup Dock initiative and EXIST. TUHH will work with TuTech and MIoIR in the design and delivery of workshops.

Prof. Dr. Christian Lüthje
Director of the Institute of Innovation Marketing




Natalia Tomiyama
Project Manager at the TUHH Startup Dock


Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School (MIoIR/MBS)

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) at Manchester Business School (MBS), University of Manchester is a centre of excellence in the field of innovation studies, which includes the overlap of innovation with science management and science policy. With over 50 full members, approximately 50 PhD researchers and a range of associated academics, MIoIR is Europe’s largest and one of the World’s leading research centres in its field. The Institute’s key strengths lie in the linkage and cross-fertilisation of economics, management and policy around innovation, science and technology.

MIoIR is fully integrated into several global academic networks: it is a founding member of the European Network of institutes active in innovation and science policy studies – EU-SPRI, and a member of European policy analysis networks such as ETEPS (the European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network) and the ERAWATCH network.

MIoIR will contribute to the project by bringing its international expertise and networks, methodological and theoretical competences on innovation and entrepreneurship research. MIoIR will work closely with Solvay and EIRMA to identify industrial needs, and identify gaps and barriers in the current entrepreneurship training models.MIoIR will work with TuTech and TUHH in the design and delivery of workshops and will also facilitate dialogues with policy communities internationally.


Tutech Innovation GmbH

Tutech was founded in 1992 by Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) as the first private technology transfer company founded by a German university. Tutech’s mission is to promote the effective transfer and exploitation of scientific and technical knowledge to serve both public and private interests. Tutech provides a variety of services ranging from support for technology business start-ups, cluster management, continued professional development training, services for conferences and trade fairs to trans-national technology transfer. Tutech is home to Hamburg’s Patent Exploitation Agency (PVA) set up in 2002 to valorise intellectual property (IP) from the five Hamburg’s universities generating patentable IP. Tutech is strongly involved in promoting complementary skills training relating to entrepreneurship to early stage researchers through activities such as REMAT and various support mechanisms to help business start-ups, and is strong on promotion of the use of social media.

Tutech will act as coordinator for the project and will be the chief point of contact with others undertaking similar work. Tutech has considerable training experience in topics relating to research and innovation management and will contribute own case studies for training, developing these with the TUHH. Tutech will run a moderated online discourse to ask students about their expectations of entrepreneurship training.

Dr. Margarete Remmert-Rieper
International Cooperation & EU Office