Report on the Assessment of HEKATE workshops is ready!

CIMG8931During the past two years University of Manchester and Hamburg University of Technology together with four business partners have developed two novel entrepreneurship training models of “learning in tandem” where university staff, students, researchers, companies and individual entrepreneurs were able to share their experiences and insights bringing together a variety of industry contexts. All workshops involved senior academics and R&D managers from industry. Participants were expected to develop entrepreneurial ideas and enterprising skills throughout different business stages within both company and academic settings. Managers from companies together with teaching staff of the HEIs served as trainers.

The key workshop concept developed in Manchester was “Enterprising scientists”, aiming to influence attitudes and intentions of the participants towards entrepreneurship in a broad sense including their commercial ambitions and career development either in academia, large industry or starting a business. The workshop “Turning Ideas into Business Opportunities” in Hamburg took an innovative approach in building mixed tandem-teams consisting of an industry practitioner and a university researcher. Each tandem-team worked on one business idea, either of a researcher or of a practitioner, thus benefiting from their professional experience and different working styles.

More than 90 PhD candidates, post docs and young industrial professionals participated and tested the concept.

Our report discusses the unique value of the HEKATE workshops co-developed between higher education and industry.

Read the full report here.

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