Review on HEKATE entrepreneurship workshop in Hamburg

Last week we had the pleasure to host 22 PhD candidates, early-stage researchers and young profeesionals in the HEKATE workshop “Turning ideas into business opportunities at TuTech’s premises in Hamburg. Speakers from industry and academia in Belgium, UK, The Netherlands and     Germany offered their knowledge and experience what is needed to turn ideas into business. Corina Kuiper, owner of The Effectual Catalyst and based in Antwerp, introduced into effectuation and idea development. Thierry Piret, head of Solvay Ventures, gave insight into corporate venturing. What drives multinationals to invest in new business? The highlight of the workshop was the pitching & communication training by Beth Susanne, coming originally from Silicon Valley. Most participants valued the opportunity to train their pitching skills DSC_0391_smallvery high.

“Very good, excellent speakers. I wished I had the exposure to this knowledge when I was young.”
Michel Judkiewicz, secretary general of EIRMA and present as observerIMG_0570_small

“In industry we expect that people can explain their ideas in a minute.”
workshop participant representing industry

“Really great to combine research and industry participants! Great speakers!”
workshop participant representing industryIMG_0550_small

The next HEKATE workshops will take place on 24 to 25 March 2015 in Manchester and on 8 to 10 April 2015 in Hamburg. Registration will start next week.

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